3 Ways To Center Yourself 

Take a look at what centering is and how it can help increase focus and relieve stress.  Do you ever find yourself at work having difficulty focusing on the assignment you’re working on? Maybe you’re an athlete struggling to get your head in the game but feeling distracted by the roar from the fans and the sounds of the loud music. Trying to stay focused can be a challenge for many of us. This is where centering comes in to help us.   Centering is a meditative and visualization technique that can support you in retaining focus, promoting relaxation, and relieving anxiety (American Psychological Association, 2022). An analogy to better understand the centering technique is the visualization of a pendulum. When you swing one side of…

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Meditation Techniques for Beginners 

Many of us have difficulty finding the time to take care of ourselves. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress at work, find a way to fall asleep faster, or are just interested in the practice, meditation can be the answer. We’ll explore some meditation techniques to incorporate into your life today so that you can resolve some of these common challenges.    What Are Meditation Techniques?  Meditation is a technique that encourages us to develop mindfulness and awareness in the present moment as a means to instill calmness and clarity into our bodies and our daily lives (Behan, 2020). Hundreds of meditation techniques exist today, all of which cater to different types of feelings, situations, or sensations. If you’re looking to de-stress, perhaps a mindfulness meditation…

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Mental performance and you: 10 things you need to know

Our mental performance, how we think, analyze, and perceive the world, influences how we work, tackle challenges, relate to others, manage stress and more. Where we choose to put our focus has a tremendous impact on how we feel and perform in our day-to-day lives. Julie Jones, Mental Performance Coach and Institute instructor, specializes in helping people boost their mental game, and in teaching them how mental training, positivity and self-awareness can help us do better in our jobs, our personal lives, as leaders, as athletes, and as members of the community.  As a former Division I softball coach, Julie specializes in training athletes in mental performance techniques. The same brain strategies that can help a softball player improve her swing can help us all…

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10 Ways to De-Stress 

Whether it’s misplacing your keys before an early meeting at work, being worried about an upcoming doctor’s appointment, or having to give a presentation in front of your classmates, stress is a universal experience. Oftentimes, our daily stress levels can fluctuate because of our individual circumstances with work, health, or our families and friends. Bigger situations such as a global pandemic, natural disasters, or political issues may also contribute to higher stress.   While we may not always be in control of our stressors, we are in charge of how we respond to them. Here are some ways to deal with stressful situations and learn how to reduce the impact stress has on your well-being.  Ways To De-Stress  Oftentimes, we may be occupied with a never-ending…

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Music and Spirituality

Music has the ability to convey messages of greater meaning that can unify and allow us to recognize one another’s humanity. A song is a shared story, an opportunity to know we are not alone, and to learn from one another. It can be perceived as a prayer, a prophetic message, a call to action, and a life philosophy.

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