5 Essential Ways to Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season

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How will you take care of yourself this holiday season? The holidays can be merry, festive, and jolly 一 but they’re rarely so 100% of the time. “‘Tis the season to be jolly,” but for many people, it’s also the season to be stressed, anxious, sad, or overwhelmed. During this time of year, it’s more important than ever that you practice meaningful self-care practices to protect your mental health and get through those tough family gatherings with grace and your sanity. Here are 5 essential ways to take care of yourself this holiday season, from putting up boundaries in your schedule to not overindulging in the desserts. Avoid overscheduling. The holiday season can get chaotic quickly if you say yes to every invitation. Family is…

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6 Ways Women Can Reduce Their Holiday Stress

The holidays are a festive time full of hustle and bustle and good cheer. Nonetheless, somebody has to put effort into all that merry-making, and the added pressure can cause inordinate stress. Not surprisingly, women are more frequently affected, as they already do two hours more of household chores on a good day. Anyone would get frazzled. Not everyone can count on their sweetie or kids to sweep them off to a day spa to unwind. What can you do that won’t cause even more anxiety by maxing out an already strained budget? Here are six ways women can reduce their holiday stress. 1. Schedule Time for Self-Care Please banish the idea that self-care is selfish. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty pitcher. Running…

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How to Prioritize Self-Care: Navigating the Holidays & Toxic Family

Everyone’s supposed to feel joyful during the holidays, according to the commercials and movies. Although the season can create happy memories, it is an emotionally challenging time for people caught in unhealthy family dynamics. You deserve to prioritize your self-care and wellbeing during every month of the year. Here are a few tips for navigating the holidays without going home to a toxic family. 1. Set Communication Boundaries Healthy family dynamics feature open communication and strong interpersonal bonds based on mutual respect, love, and support. Research shows a childhood without those things causes depression and anxiety, which remain a strong factor in adulthood. You don’t need to make your mental health worse by putting yourself in situations with family members who belittle, ignore or criticize…

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What to do When You Feel Overwhelmed

Have you ever had an experience that caused you such intense feelings you could hardly contain yourself–like you were overflowing with emotions? That is the feeling of being overwhelmed. This happens when something causes an intense reaction in you, either emotionally or physically. You may react with happiness, tears, anger or a combination of all three depending on the situation. Overwhelm can also be a feeling that builds over time, with one small event being the “straw that breaks the camel’s back”. This can happen when you ignore small things that bother you which eventually end up turning into a mountain of resentment. You might become overwhelmed when all the things you ignored come crashing down on you all at once. Negative overwhelm can also…

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