Blessing Omakwu

Women's Work Podcast Guest Blessing Omakwu

Blessing Omakwu is a Nigerian-American women’s equality evangelist, lawyer, strategist and writer. Her career has been dedicated to the public sector, and she has worked and consulted for various government agencies and international organizations including the Gates Foundation, ONE Campaign, the United Nations and the Nigerian Federal House of Representatives. She is also the founder of The She Tank: a think-tank supporting the realization of equality for women of African descent. In 2017, Blessing was recognized as one of the top 50 emerging global policy leaders by the British Council. In 2019, she served as the Co-Curator of Melinda Gate’s session on Gender Bias at Goalkeepers New York City. Raised by faith leaders, her parents’ sermons and spirituality exposed her to the art of non-fiction storytelling at a young age. Blessing’s personal essays explore the intersection of womanhood, religion and (pop) culture. She ran the On Being A Woman blog between 2015-2020.