Lynn Ulatowski, PhD

Dr. Ulatowski is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Ursuline College who is focused on nutrition for disease prevention and reduction. As a post-doctoral fellow, she researched Vitamin E transport in the central nervous system, which is relevant to Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and Down Syndrome. Her research also focuses on how specific proteins can impact lymphoma.

Dr. Ulatowski earned her BS in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology from Westminster College, and her MS in Nutrition and PhD in Molecular Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University. While at Case, she received an Academic Excellence Award for her dissertation topic, Regulation of Vitamin E and Tocopherol Transfer Protein. She has published over 20 peer-reviewed papers, participated in a nationwide USDA-funded grant (FRUVED) to assess dietary intake, physical activity, and stress management on 90 campuses. From 2015-2016, Dr. Ulatowski served as the American Society of Nutrition Science Policy Fellow.