Podcast Guests

Blessing OmakwuDeputy Director of Goalkeepers; The Gates FoundationBlessing Omakwu is a Nigerian-American women’s equality evangelist, lawyer, strategist and writer. Her career has been dedicated to…


Gina Messina, Ph.D.Professor, Author, Change Agent Dr. Messina is the Executive Director of the Institute for Women, Wellness & Work and Associate Professor for the…


Gina Messina, Ph.D.Professor, Author, Change Agentwww.ginamessina.comMia BarnesHealth & Wellness ExpertMia BarnesHealth & Wellness Expertmia@bodymind.combodymind.comBrooke Scharlott Executive Director of UCAPBrooke Scharlott Executive Director of UCAPinstitute4women@ursuline.edu