Healthy Spirituality

A Blueprint for Living:

Human Spirituality Within the Context of Addiction

Pandemic life means we have more to worry about and less support to help us cope. Alcohol sales are up, Netflix usage is seeing record highs, and people are over-indulging with comfort food. In addition, drug use has increased, with overdoses on the rise by up to 18%. We’re using these things that make us feel good to navigate a tough time.

Healthy spirituality is something that can make us feel good AND be good for us. It can help reduce the likelihood of turning to substances and other behaviors that may hurt us and those we love.

Learn what constitutes a healthy spirituality and how we can cultivate it in ourselves so that we can serve others. In this online event, we’ll explore the role of spirituality in the context of addiction and how it draws us away from our Ultimate Source.

If you can’t attend the live webinar, please register and a recording of the session will be sent to you.