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As a corporate subscriber, you get high-value content and resources that create a rich, inclusive environment of continuous learning for all women, regardless of background or life stage. It helps them adapt to change, balance homeschooling with work, cope with isolation, manage stress, become better leaders and team members, or take the next steps in their careers.

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Empower your workforce and show women you support them. It goes a long way towards retaining employees, maintaining a diverse workforce, and upholding your reputation as a great employer.


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  • Help usher more women into leadership roles
  • Guide women who are pivoting in their careers
  • Provide resources and support to help women age gracefully in healthy and vibrant ways
  • Expose spiritual and social justice as a means of creating an equitable, diverse workforce
  • Allow women to feel inspired, fulfilled and engaged with the world
  • Through videos, articles, podcasts, workshops, and micro-credential certificate programs, our educational resources help women not only survive but thrive. From the shop floor to the c-suite, this initiative is for every woman.

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