Know Your Options: Navigating Aging Resources & Policies

The US population is aging: right now, over 54 million Americans are over the age of 65, the highest in history. As those numbers grow and our needs evolve, what will getting older look like? How will today’s Baby Boomers and Gen Xers change the experience of aging? How do resources and policies shape our well-being in later life? This easy-to-digest session offers you insights into the resources and policies that can improve wellbeing as you age. Lynn, Anne, and Stacey will offer a deeper dive into the ideas discussed in earlier webinars (don’t worry – attendance at the earlier webinars isn’t mandatory).

• Anne will explore legal documents important to decision making, tips for organizing financial paperwork, and serving in the role of caregiver.

• Lynn will discuss nutrition practices and share resources that help you maintain optimal health at all ages. She will also touch on the modifications that might be necessary with changes to health or functional status.

• Stacey will explore community programs that offer information and support to older adults.

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