Personal Energy Assessment: What Your Score Means

Personal Energy Management

Are you headed for burnout? Looking for new ways to replenish your energy? Meet the team that can help make it happen.

Meditation Mondays with Mackenzie
Personal Energy Management Facilitator
Triumphant Tuesdays with Julie
Winning Wednesdays with Lynn
Thankful Thursdays with Paula
Fun Fridays with Tiffany

The big secret to avoiding burnout is simple, instead of trying to manage your time, focus on managing your energy. Productivity isn’t about how much time you spend, it’s about how focused and effective you are during that time. Time is a finite resource, personal energy is 100% renewable. You just need to understand the sources you can tap into. Join us to learn how maximizing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy can leave you refreshed, focused, and ready to take on whatever challenges come your way.

Register for Energize & Shine, a personal energy management program. Over the course of three weeks, our experts will explore all the ways you can find the energy you need to feel better, get more done, and feel like you’re thriving instead of just surviving. We’ll wrap up the program with a final session dedicated to reviewing your progress and ways to keep the energy flowing.