Create Your Vision Board = Create Your Life

Genevieve Piturro speaks at Ursuline's Institute for Women Wellness and Work on Create Your Vision Board Create Your Life

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11:30 AM

Genevieve Piturro speaks at Ursuline's Institute for Women, Wellness & Work

The Power of Visualization

Your vision board is the place you’ll see your dreams in pictures and words, emotionally connect to your goals, and begin to manifest them in your life. This is visualization at its best, with your images physically right in front of you in a place you’ll see them every day. When you visualize, you materialize. Some people call it “The Law of Attraction” – it’s the same concept.

For this participatory Vision Board Masterclass, please have paper or poster board, magazines, photos, markers, tape, glue, scissors, etc. ready. If you prefer to use a digital program like Pinterest, Canva, Pickmonkey, etc., that is great too. But come prepared…this workshop is participatory, fun, and INSPIRING! 

We’ll choose 6 areas to focus on like: family, career, personal life, possessions, hobbies, power words. Then, we’ll take some time to, one by one, think about each of these topics. What pictures or visuals come to your mind? With your eyes closed, sit with each topic for a minute each. How do you feel when think about each of them coming to fruition? If they make you excited about having them in your life, those are the images you want to see every day on your board. Give your excitement freedom it out, sing, do a little dance or smile big until it hurst. Just feel your emotions to the max and express your joy – no one’s watching! What brings you JOY in each of these 6 categories of your life? What makes you heart feel full? What makes you want to run around cheering “IT’S HAPPENING, IT’S REALLY HAPPENING!”?

About Genevieve

Genevieve Piturro was a successful television marketing executive in New York City for twenty years when a little girl’s question changed the course of her life forever – and she jumped off the corporate ladder. She began delivering pajamas and books to children in shelters and in 2001 founded Pajama Program, a non-profit which has been recognized nationwide for both its success and Genevieve’s story.

A Yonkers, N.Y. native to immigrant parents, Genevieve received a Bachelor’s of Art Degree from Fordham University. Today she resides with her husband, Demo DiMartile in Irvington, NY.

Genevieve has been interviewed most recently on Hallmark’s Home & Family, on OPRAH, TODAY, GMA, The Early Show, CNN, Fox & Friends, O Magazine, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal and she rang the Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell in 2016.  She has been the recipient of many local and national awards.

An international speaker, personal strategic coach and author, Genevieve has made it her mission to inspire men and women across the globe to listen to their heart-voice connection in pursuing their passions to achieve success. Besides the amazing credentials and accolades, Genevieve remains a very remarkable and engaging speaker.


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