A Community for Women to Find Connection, Insight, and Resources for Growth and Advancement. 


The Institute for Women, Wellness & Work is committed to empowering women to excel and drive positive change, both in their own lives and the lives of others.


As the world changes, the way we learn is changing with it

Women want to keep learning and growing throughout their lives, and employers want people who can quickly pick up the knowledge they need and to drive change.

The Institute for Women, Wellness & Work provides a flexible model that is especially ideal for women who are multitaskers, caregivers, leaders, community builders, and entrepreneurs who want to grow and live healthy lives. They want to maximize their impact at work, in their communities, and on the people who mean the most.

Helping women meet the challenges of the pandemic

Women have left the workforce in record numbers, and female-run businesses have taken a major hit. Women across the world are burned out and are looking for a change.

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Empower yourself with flexible, meaningful learning that enables you to drive positive change – in your own life and in the lives of others.

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Explore a new career. Start your own business. Become a better leader. Embrace diversity and inclusion.

With an individual Institute membership, you can do all of these things and more – all on your own terms.
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For 150 years, Ursuline College has been committed to creating lifelong learning spaces where women can advance their careers, discover their passions, and find new ways to live their values. It’s time to embrace a new way of learning. Let’s do it together.

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Harnessing opportunity in America’s fastest growing field

The pandemic is changing the wellness landscape. Physical and mental health are more of a focus than they’ve ever been.

Women looking for a wellness career will find opportunity in non-traditional roles: as health coaches and public health educators or as corporate wellness specialists and community health coordinators. The Institute helps women find those new paths, creating a new generation of helping professionals focused on the whole person and their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.


Building skills that enable growth and opportunity

Demand for social and emotional skills in the workplace will grow by 26% by 2030. Employment and wages are increasing most in occupations that require higher social abilities, like connecting with people and taking initiative.

Leadership skills are vital for any woman who wants to make a positive impact at work, at home, in her community, or in her own entrepreneurial undertaking.

The Institute offers everything from webinars to credit courses that enable women to harness important skills like self-directed leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, and entrepreneurial mindset.

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Helping women succeed, personally and professionally

With the pandemic, women’s careers have taken a huge hit: many are torn between the responsibilities of work and family, and are scaling back or stepping away from their careers in record numbers. Mothers who are reducing their work hours and leaving the labor force outright add up to $64.5B a year in lost wages and economic activity. Women of color have also been impacted particularly hard.

What this struggle means is that a large percentage of the workforce is likely burned out, disengaged, or unsure what the future looks like. But it’s not a lost cause. By understanding the future of work and matching it with core values, aptitudes and interests, women are better positioned to make informed decisions.