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Empowering women with professional development opportunities.


America's fastest growing field.

Build a future as a health coach, public educator, corporate wellness specialist or make wellness part of your life.


Skills for professional development.

Build skills that open up to opportunities which now require higher social abilities.


Build a better world today.

Take advantage of opportunities requiring training in diversity, equity and inclusion practices. 

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Empower yourself with flexible, meaningful learning that enables you to drive positive change – in your own life and in the lives of others.

empowering women


Explore a new career. Start your own business. Become a better leader. Embrace diversity and inclusion.

With an individual Institute membership, you can do all of these things and more – all on your own terms.
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Empower your workforce and show women you support them. It goes a long way towards retaining employees, maintaining a diverse workforce, and upholding your reputation as a great employer.

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Mentor Moment

Join us for Mentor Moment where each week you will hear from a diverse group of women who will share with you their ideas and advice on key issues.

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We offer you easy-to-access  courses and information to help you switch careers, start a business, be a better leader, or even just find more peace and balance in their lives.

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