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Supporting women in a meaningful way takes a strong community and a commitment to working together. It also requires a real desire to see things change for the better. We’re making progress but it’s not something we can do alone.

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Empower your workforce and show women you support them. It goes a long way towards retaining employees, maintaining a diverse workforce, and upholding your reputation as a great employer.

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We’re looking for women-focused organizations, corporate and educational partners, researchers, trainers, and coaches to help us deliver innovative, lifelong learning for all women. If you’re as excited as we are about what the Institute for Women, Wellness and Work is looking to accomplish, tell us more below.


Help your female employees succeed, personally and professionally

With the pandemic, women’s careers have taken a huge hit: many are torn between the responsibilities of work and family, and are scaling back or stepping away from their careers in record numbers. Mothers who are reducing their work hours and leaving the labor force outright add up to $64.5B a year in lost wages and economic activity. Women of color have also been impacted particularly hard.

What this struggle means is that a large percentage of your workforce is likely burned out, disengaged and not producing at their full potential. But it’s not a lost cause: showing women you support them goes a long way towards retaining employees, maintaining a diverse workforce, and upholding your reputation as a great employer.

As a corporate subscriber, you provide the women in your organization with access to resources that create a rich, inclusive environment of continuous learning for all women, regardless of background or life stage. It helps them adapt to change, balance homeschooling with work, cope with isolation, manage stress, become better leaders and team members, or take the next steps in their careers.


Help us help all women

Much of the work we do has been enabled by donors and partners who are aligned with our vision and see the benefit of giving women access to these unique programs. To ensure accessibility for women from all backgrounds, their support has enabled us to offer some programs at no cost, with funding prioritized to support women of color, those who are under-represented in their field, or unemployed due to COVID.

Thanks to these donors and partners, the Institute is building on the College’s strong track record of accessibility. In fact, a new national study on the upward mobility of college graduates ranks Ursuline College #1 for its record of moving low-income students into higher income groups. We think everyone should be able to access lifelong learning.