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women's brain health

Women’s Brain Health Matters

Women are more likely than men to have brain health issues such as anxiety, depression, autoimmune disorders (such as multiple sclerosis), headaches and migraines, and

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lets get published

Why Getting Published Should be on Your “To Do” List

Those who publish become experts. Experts advance ideas and their careers. Nonetheless, as with so many fields, diverse women’s voices are lacking and the perspectives we are exposed to are limited. Aspiring to “get published” should be on your “to do” list because it benefits you and it shifts the larger conversation.

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nutritional eating

Nutrition 101

Dr. Lynn Ulatowski shares key insights into nutritional eating for a long, healthy life. Below is a sneak preview. Click here to download the full

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Image represents diversity, inclusion and equity.

A Leadership Approach to Diversity

Organizations that are truly interested in creating a dynamic and positive culture that celebrates diversity need to dismantle management thinking and embrace a leadership model. Whereas management is grounded in ideas that seek to control and maintain, leadership is committed to vision, breaking molds, and inspiring change.

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