Make Your Own Rules: Integrating Health and Lifestyle

Right now, creating healthy habits may feel like a never-ending loop of starting and stopping. Maybe you know you need to make a change but often find yourself saying “I’ll do it later” or “I don’t have time”. In this webinar, we’ll dive into how you can toss out the diet culture rule book…you know the one that makes you feel like “it’s you” so you create healthy habits that actually last. Your health and your lifestyle can work together, and I’ll show you exactly how.

About Lindsey

Lindsey Kaszuba is a certified Health & Habit Coach who guides overwhelmed parents to eat, think and move healthier so they can be their most energized and confident selves. She focuses on integrating health and lifestyle through nutrition, movement, mindset, and healthy habits. Lindsey lives in New York City with her husband, two daughters, and Italian Greyhound. She loves skin-care, fashion, traveling, deep connections, her morning coffee, and all things self-development. Connect with Lindsey on her website and Instagram.  

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