Marilyn Batchelor: Music Industry Mogul

If you’re a music fan, you’ll certainly be inspired by today’s guest, music industry mogul Marilyn Batchelor. Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Partnerships at legendary Patti LaBelle’s label, GPE Records, she has over a decade of experience in music marketing for indie marketing divisions and nationally known brands, including Universal Studios/Killer Tracks, Interscope/Geffen/A&M, and MCA.

Her brilliance and expertise are behind the marketing plans responsible for the successful launch of albums by

  • Gladys Knight,
  • Patti LaBelle,
  • Mary J. Blige,
  • Sheryl Crow, and
  • Gwen Stefani just to name a few. 

Marilyn’s creativity, leadership, and commitment to relationship building resulted in establishing partnerships between the music industry and the sports industry as you know it today.

She’s brokered marketing partnerships with BMW, Coca-Cola, Ford, Nike, McDonalds, and the list goes on. It is her tenacity for building relationships that resulted in the multi-billion dollar venture Beats by Dre .

Marilyn is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences – AKA The Grammys. In addition to all of this, Marilyn is an ordained Methodist pastor and lives a life of service as chaplain at St. John’s Medical Center, mentor to LA’s inner city youth, and serves on the Board of GoHaiti!, a non-profit orphanage she visits every Christmas.


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